General Assembly of the United Nations commemorate the victims of World War II

The Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations Ambassador Mohammad Hussein Bahr Al-Uloom delivered a speech at the United Nations General Assembly, on behalf of the Asia Pacific Group, on the occasion of commemorating the victims of World War II, in which H.E. stated:

“The Asia-Pacific Group believes in the necessity to promote peace and stability around the world to achieve progress and development, and to respect the purposes and principles enshrined in the United Nations Charter, to avoid the mistakes of the past. Therefore, member states should boost cooperation and adopt the principle of pluralism to achieve these noble goals.

The Second World War caused tragedies and woes to all of humanity and from the womb of this suffering, the world found the United Nations Organization to help us shape a better future for new generations, with an emphasis on the importance of respecting the sovereignty,  territorial integrity and non-interfering in internal affairs for all member states.

reiterating the commitment of the Asia-Pacific Group to the principle of multilateral cooperation and its close link to sustainable development and peace, reforming the United Nations in general, especially Security Council to strengthen and enhance the organization’s capabilities in responding to all challenges.”

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