Senior Foreign Ministry Undersecretary : Mr. Abdul Karim Hashim

Undersecretary for policy planning affairs: Ms. Hala Shakir Mustafa Saleem

Name: Hala Shakir Mustafa Saleem.

Occupation: Ambassador/ undersecretary for policy planning affairs.

Place and Date of Birth: Baghdad – Iraq / March/07/1959.

Marital Status: Single.

Languages: English.


BA in Economic / Baghdad University/ College of Administration and Economy- 1978.

Positions Held:
• 1978 – 1980: Auditing Department/ Ministry of Interior.
• 1980 – 1988: Projects and Planning Directorate/ Ministry of Interior.
• 1988 – 2003: Budget Manager/ Ministry of Planning.
• July/2003 – February/2004: undersecretary for administrative and financial affairs in the ministry of interior.
• Oct/2007: Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
• July/2009: Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
• September/2011: Ambassador, Head of Financial Department.
• May/2013: Undersecretary for Policy Planning.

E-Mail Address: Hala_saleem@yahoo.com.

Undersecratary for Legal Affairs and Multilateral Relation : Mr. Hazim Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Yossifi

Name: Hazzim Ahmed Mahmoud Al-Youssifi.

Place and Date of Birth: Dohuk – Iraq/ 01-07-1951.

Languages: English, Kurdish, German.

Qualification Attainment:

Bachelor’s Degree in law.

Positions Held: Member of the Kurdistan Parliament/leader in the PUK Party.

Undersecratary for Administrative and Financail Affairs : Mr. Muayad Mouhammed Salih